Our Team

Cara Debbaudt

Invested in making the world a better place. Love in no particular order: mediation, restorative justice, kids, animals, faith, psychology, flora, art, bling, kickboxing, lobsters, Indian food, and U2.

TRish ellis-rico

Lover of all things Disney, wine country, and country music! I am also the proud mother of a teenage daughter and I bring over 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry.

Julia Collao

I love listening to diverse types of music ie Brazilian funk, Korean pop, rock en español, Mexican indie music, and bossa nova. And proud of my indigenous roots (Incan ancestors).


SF with a NY state of mind! I love cooking, traveling and the outdoors. You can usually find me snowboarding in Tahoe or dancing at a concert.

Latte Zimmermann

I grew up with chimps in my basement (ask me more about it!) I am proud to have been credited with writing, producing and performing on 5 completed albums since 2003.

Hannah Burns

Grew up near Yosemite national park in a small town of only 2500 people. I’m passionate about all types of food, traveling to new places, and of course puppies.

nathalie Pretzer

I’ve spent equal parts of my life living in Germany and America. In high school my parents came home from numerous business trips to new family members, everything from chicks to kittens.

Emma Valdivia

I love all animals and fight to spread the word that they all deserve. It’s hard being a woman, but I find that across all cultures, ages and backgrounds we are very resilient creatures.

alyssa garrison

Born and raised in the Bay. I've been fascinated with technology ever since I got my first gameboy! You can usually find me sparking up a conversations with strangers or plotting my next adventure.

Nikkie ghazizadeh

Born in Berkeley and raised in the East Bay, lived in Iran for 3 years and can speak Farsi (Persian) fluently. I enjoy everything outdoors and dancing!

Mark Daisy

I love music, travel, and photography/videography. I play in a band that has headlined the House of Blues Chicago twice. I plan to summit Kilimanjaro in 2020 and Everest in 2023!


miranda Levée

Lover of live music, outdoor activities, Taco Bell, and the Golden Girls. Proud military spouse (and sibling), grounded in faith, and a Midwesterner at heart. O-H!